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systemctl status goos.service

don’t quit your dayjob

Some updates:

  • I bought a 93 Miata, and was able to drive it for all of two weeks before the snow hit
  • I orderd an android based head unit for either the ranger or the miata
  • I bought hardware for a BLE app-drive camera shutter release / intervalometer
  • I was given a 2nd gen iPad to use for MagicMirror and had to do some fun things to get it working
  • I bought a chromebook, codename kevin, and am writing build tools for it
    • Yes, Cadmium exists, and yes I did use it to build a working ubuntu image
  • I’m weeks if not days away from quitting my dayjob
    • I plan to take some time away from having a dayjob to work on projects
    • I have 1099 work to keep me solvent for now

tl;dw life goes on. Stay tuned, subscribe via RSS, etc.